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Gamers: get the best protection from computer eye strain.

Naked eyes are not engineered to withstand staring at computer […]

By Published On: 19 May 20171.9 min read

Naked eyes are not engineered to withstand staring at computer screens for hours on end, no matter how engrossed you are in your favourite game.

Eye strain from LED-emitted blue light is not the only concern; blue light toxicity and sleeplessness can also result from overuse of digital screens. But what’s a gamer to do?

Blue light and your eyes

Artificial light from digital screens is very high in the blue end of the spectrum. This blue light is close to ultra-violet (UV) light but has a slightly longer wavelength.  The short-waves of UV light cause damage to the outer structures of the eye. You can see this as pterygium and cataract.  Visible blue light has slightly longer waves, which penetrate more deeply into the eye and can be toxic to the delicate tissues of your retina and macula. Blue light also affects our biorhythms and makes us feel alert. Prolonged exposure to blue light, especially at night, can lead to sleep difficulties.

Eye strain and computers

Digital eye strain results from a combination of factors. Staring at screens greatly reduces our blink rate, leading to dry eye. Focussing for long periods also strains the muscles of the eyes, just like any other overworked muscle. Glare is also a significant contributor eye strain. Headaches are another common symptom of digital eye strain.

Gunnar’s computer eyewear

Spending hours on your computer can be hard on your eyes – but it doesn’t have to be.

The Eye Practice is proud to be able to offer their patients the latest range of protective eyewear from Gunnar.  These glasses defend your eyes against long and short-term effects of digital eyestrain. The patented blue-blocking formula provides a barrier to blue light as well as reducing glare and providing sharper focus.

Gunnar glasses come in a range of stylish and edgy designs, in metal and acetate frame materials.
According to the manufacturers, 96% of wearers reported a reduction in eyestrain when wearing Gunnar’s. We think that’s pretty impressive.

Let your eyes relax. If you could wear something that would allow you to work more efficiently, focus for longer and feel more comfortable looking at your screen, would you do it?

Gunnar glasses for computers and gaming. Starting from $90.


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