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Fashion Eyewear: What’s cool for Winter 2016?

This week, I finally had to dig out my warm […]

By Published On: 7 July 20161.7 min read

This week, I finally had to dig out my warm coats and jackets. Looks like it’s not going to be one of those winters where I can get by with a cosy scarf and sweater. Next on my list is a pair of cool sunglasses for those short, bright Sydney days.

Lindberg Eyewear – Let there be light…

Edgy Danish eyewear label Lindberg has developed a cult following among the beautiful people. Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) could make anything look sexy, but we think he rocks this pair of Lindberg sunnies.  Jenna Tatum’s rose-hued shades (below) are more my style. Everything looks better with that pink glow.  Lindberg CEO, Henrik Lindberg, applies the same principles across the sunglass and spectacle range; frames must be understated, elegant and beautifully crafted.  At the Eye Practice, we like them not only for their fabulous good looks but for their amazing lightness and extreme comfort – catering to a wide range of facial shapes and nose-bridge contours. They are priced at the higher end of the fashion frame range but that’s not putting off our clients and I’m having trouble keeping them in stock!

Leonardo Who?

The latest collection from Leonardo D reflects the German eyewear brand’s characteristics of exclusive luxury and craftsmanship. If you’re after something for a special occasion or want to feel special every day, these frames always make a statement. The women’s range is finished with precious metals and gemstones, making them more like a piece of exquisite jewelry than an item of eyewear. The men’s range is my favourite; with gold plating and wood inlay sides, these frames are the epitome of elegance. 

Finding it hard to get frames to fit?

If you struggle to find the perfect frame for your face, come and see us for some expert advice. You can browse our range anytime, or for a more tailored approach, book in for a free frame consultation and let us help you find the best pair of glasses you’ve ever worn.


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