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EYESTRAIN: Gunnar Customised Lenses

Eye Strain we have discussed in detail in previous posts. […]

By Published On: 29 March 20170.9 min read

Eye Strain we have discussed in detail in previous posts. With introduction of the smart phones it has now hit epidemic proportions.

Eye Strain can have a number of causes and only a comprehensive examination can reveal the contributors to the perception of eye strain.

 In fact it is so important that we have a dedicated page for it: Check our Eye Strain page here.

From next week The Eye Practice will be the first optometrist outlet to trial a new product called Gunnar Technology Eyewear.

This very innovative product can be purchased with or without a customised prescription in glasses.  Even though there might be great value with no prescription, the value of these glasses will excel when it is made up with your own prescription.

Stay tuned for more on this topic soon!  We will trial in house first and if we are convinced that it has a role to play in relieving the Eye Strain epidemic we will start to prescribe it soon.  Guess what they are made by the best optical company in the world: Carl Zeiss.



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