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EYES: Pinguecula (Lumps & Bumps)

EYES are considered by most people to be one of […]

By Published On: 28 November 20111.8 min read

EYES are considered by most people to be one of our most precious organs.  After our vital organs such as brain, heart, liver, kidneys and lungs our eyes are responsible for 70% of how we interact with our surroundings, so is it any wonder many of us stress about them.

It seems that if someone notices a lump or a bump around or in their eyes they are quite concerned about:

  1. Is it a cancer?
  2. How can it be removed?

One of the most common lumps that is found in eyes is a thing called a Pinguecula.  More details are discussed about Pinguecula within this website. There is also a very informative video – CLICK HERE for more information.

Here are a few examples of pinguecula.  They can be considered benign scar tissue that is probably formed by excessive exposure to the elements, like sun, wind and dust.

In most cases they are simply a cosmetic nuisance but occasionally they can get irritated like the picture on the far right.  The best treatment for them if they are inflamed is a mild steroid a few times a day for a week or so.

Steroids for the eyes are normally in drop form. They can calm down redness and irritation very effectively.  They should be prescribed by a therapeutically qualified optometrist or an ophthalmologist, as it is probably important to measure a baseline pressure inside the eye before treatment is begun. A certain portion of the population can respond to them with a dangerously high pressure in the eye.

It doesnt mean you should not use them; they should be used with observation by practitioners that have been trained in discovering the occasional side effects that can occur.

In rare cases pinguecula can be removed surgically.  It is a relatively simple procedure that requires a referral to an eye surgeon.

Dr Jim Kokkinakis treats inflamed pinguecula on a regular basis, so if you think you have one and would like advice about treatment or removal call us on 9290 1899 for an appointment.

In future posts other lumps and bumps will be discussed in detail. Stay tuned.


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