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EYE STRAIN: Stop Stressing About It!

Eye Strain is a common eye condition. Because it is […]

By Published On: 24 June 20123.2 min read

Eye Strain is a common eye condition. Because it is so common, we often end up ignoring it. However, when we do that, the problem can become chronic and can even lead to more serious eye problems. It won’t hurt to know more about eye strain, especially its causes and symptoms, so we will know how to address it. Natural remedies to treat it shall also be discussed below, but many of these remain unproven.  Your best option is always to see a therapeutically qualified optometrist for diagnosis, advice and treatment.

Causes of Eye Strain

•    Constant focusing of eyes brought about by excessive television viewing, use of computer and reading, among others.
•    Lack of relaxation of the eyes coupled with failure to blink for long periods of time.
•    Working with insufficient or excessively bright lights.
•    Working with excessive glare.
•    Lack of sleep.
•    Stress or fatigue.
•    Poor quality of glasses.
•    Use of contact lenses.
•    Bad viewing angle.
•    Excessive alcohol intake.
•    Poor posture.
•    Poor diet.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

•    Dizziness.
•    Lightheadedness.
•    Motion or car sickness.
•    Blurred vision.
•    Burning in the eyes.
•    Teary eyes when closed.
•    Spasms around the eyes.
•    Double vision.
•    Watery eyes.
•    Heaviness in the forehead.
•    Mild headache.
•    Lack of concentration.
•    Reduced side vision.

•    Redness in the eyes.

Natural Remedies

Here are some home remedies that apparently can help alleviate your eye strain symptoms.  May of these natural remedies have been passed on anecdotally with no clinical proof:

•    Castor Oil. Apply a drop in each eye. In the alternative, take half teaspoon of clarified butter, rub with both hands to melt it and apply it in the eyes.

•    Lemon Juice and Water. Mix 10 drops of fresh lemon juice with a big bowl full of water. Dip your face in the bowl and open and close the eyes for a few seconds at regular intervals. Repeat four to five times.

•    Honey. Apply one drop of honey on each eye as you lie down straight on your bed. Leave it for three minutes then wash it off with plain water. This will promote tear secretion that will moisten your eye surface and calm the symptoms of eye strain.

•    Alum Powder and Rose Water. Mix four grams of alum powder with 30 grams of rose water. In the alternative, you can create a mixture with one part lime juice and one part rose water. Store in a glass bottle. Use it as an eye drop every night to relieve eye inflammation and tiredness.

•    Warm Compress. Soak a towel in warm water but make sure that it is not too warm. Wring the towel and put it across your face as you face the ceiling or the sky. Open and close the eyes for a few seconds at regular intervals.

•    Fennel Seeds and Water. Mix a teaspoon of fennel seeds with a cup of boiling water. Let it stand for a few minutes, strain and cool it down. Use as an eye drop a few times during the day to reduce inflammation and redness and to calm strained eye muscles.


Many natural remedies have never been proven in clinical trials.  Other than Warm Compresses we would be very cautious about taking these remedies for granted.  Many of these things are not sterile and potentially could lead to eye infection.  Of particular concern is the use of tap water.  This must be boiled or somehow filter for bacteria and fungi.

Apart from these home remedies, make sure to relax your eyes once in a while by blinking regularly and massaging them to relieve the symptoms of eye strain.

If you are experiencing eye strain that is getting you down your best option is to visit us at The Eye Practice to determine the exact cause. Only then can we design a plan to alleviate these problems.

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