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Eye Research from ARVO 2012

Research into eyes and vision, just like all of medicine […]

By Published On: 22 June 20120.9 min read

Research into eyes and vision, just like all of medicine is forever an evolving story.

Every year The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) has its annual conference where eye and vision scientists from around the world convene to present the latest updates in what they have been studying.

This year the ARVO conference was in Fort Lauderdale Florida and as usual some exciting progress has been made in key areas of eye disease and vision.

For the purpose of simplicity we will break up the report into 4 sections over 4 consecutive posts:

  1. The front of the eye called the Cornea
  2. The back of the eye called the Retina
  3. Laser and cataract eye surgery
  4. Glaucoma

ARVO presents hundreds of papers in new eye research every year.  This is where ideas in the laboratory transition into many of the eye treatments that we take for granted today.  Procedures and treatments that are performed today routinely for eyes were probably presented as a research papers some 20 years ago at ARVO.



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