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EYE EXAMS: Help to Preserve Vision

The human eye is an organ that is truly a […]

By Published On: 31 December 20112.6 min read

The human eye is an organ that is truly a combination of, a work of art and scientific genius that most people find intriguing. Human beings have duplicated this organ and its principles to make some practical items such as the camera.

The human eye is incredibly important. Approximately 70% of what we perceive of the world around us comes from our eyes.

Its therefore important to have regular checkups by optometrists for the eyes so that if they require medical treatment or correctional devices such as contact lenses, then one can get them promptly, before any harm is done.

There are many eye conditions that can affect the human eye over the course of time. Some are as result of carelessness while others are due to age related factors. Other factors such as eye infections are completely unavoidable and hence one can hardly be able to prevent them.

In order to get the best out of the eyes one needs to have them regularly checked in order to be sure that all is well. At the same time corrective items for the eyes such as eye glasses need to be used only when prescribed by a qualified eye care professional. This will protect the wearer from causing harm to their eyes through use of improper eye aids.

More importantly the eyes can be screened for eye-sight threatening diseases like Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataracts. All of these eye diseases do not exhibit symptoms until very late in the process.

Most optometrists recommend that everyone should attend regular eye examinations; however people with eye problems need to have their eyes examined at least once in a year. This is to preempt any problem that might occur or was in the process of happening that is likely to adversely affect the eyes.

Regular Eye exams for people with known problems will take care of minor issues that might have deteriorated with time to cause greater complications.

Eye problems have become quite common today; this is due to the many issues and pollutants that the modern human is exposed to.

Eye strain is one of the major factors that is known today to contribute a lot to many eye complications. Mostly this is due either to ignorance about how to take care of the eyes or due to the modern pressures of life that have been driving the human race into a frenzy, as they seek to achieve higher and higher goals with excessive reading and computer work.

Another contributing factor to the challenges that are facing these vital organs that human beings rely on so much are the many pathogens that have multiplied and reinvented themselves with the overuse of antibiotics. Eye infections can range from simple irritations to sight threatening conditions that may lead to blindness if they are not addressed.

All these challenges mean that human beings must rise to the occasion and take care of their eyes in order to be sure that they maintain this great gift that is so precious yet so vulnerable to harm from so many areas.


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