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Eye disease management

At The Eye Practice we manage a range of eye conditions and diseases, from dry eye to macular degenaration.

By Published On: 17 November 20211.8 min read

Early detection of eye diseases can save eye sight. Our comprehensive eye tests include tests for glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, just to name a few.

A wholistic view

We like to see your eyes in two distinctly different ways:

First, as a finely-tuned optical instrument – much like a camera – which may need a pair of glasses or contact lenses tailored to give you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

We also see your eyes as the organs of sight, and a great deal of our focus is on the health of those organs.

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes are prone to a variety of diseases and dystrophies. Our expert optometrists will thoroughly examine all aspects of your eye health.

About our eye tests

Our eye tests includes diagnostic tests that are only available from world-class eye care practitioners.  We routinely photograph (and image in 3D with OTC) the important structures at the back of your eye. This is  not only to discover if there is disease present, but also as a baseline for future comparison. Our highly experienced team likes to think of itself as hyper-vigilant on your behalf.  Your eye examination will also include a test of your peripheral vision to screen you for eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Managing your eye care

At The Eye Practice we manage a range of ocular conditions, with a particular focus on dry eye diagnosis and management. Dr Jim Kokkinakis is therapeutically qualified and can treat most eye diseases in house.

We work closely with some of Sydney’s best ophthalmologists to co-manage your eye conditions – from glaucoma to macular degeneration, from diabetic eye disease to cataracts.

Over the years our optometrist team has developed a unique interest in specialised contact lenses for diseases such as keratoconus and eyes that have had a corneal transplant.  We are one of the very few practices in Australia that has access to and fits every type of therapeutic contact lens. From hard lenses, rigid gas permeable, orthokeratology, hybrids and mini sclerals and even the most complex lenses, called sclerals.


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