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T to Z of Eye Disease and Disorders

Here is the final post of Eye Disease and Disorders.  […]

By Published On: 9 February 20121.8 min read

Here is the final post of Eye Disease and Disorders.  There are many more, which will eventually write about, but as you can imagine it is a very time consuming task. Stay tuned as there are some bizarre eye conditions that you have not heard of that deserve a mention.

Twitching Eye

Eye twitching is quite common and can usually be linked to one or more causes:
•    Too much coffee, colas and alcohol – easily fixed.
•    Tiredness from lack of sleep – easily fixed.
•    Eye Strain from excessive reading or computer use.
•    Stress – not easily fixed!  It might be an idea to learn how better to deal with it than try and remove it.


Uveitis is an inflammation of the iris of the eye.

There are actually three types, with one – anterior uveitis – making up 90% of cases – and to complicate matters this type is given its own name Iritis, with optical professionals switching between the two names.

70% of the time causes are not known but treatment with corticosteroids seems to do the trick, provided it is diagnosed early without becoming chronic.  30% of the time uveitis is related to some systemic auto-immune or infective process.

Viral Conjunctivitis

Symptoms are pink eye, watery eyes, itchiness and grittiness. It is highly contagious but because it is a viral infection it cannot be treated with antibiotics.  Lately an iodine wash has been shown to limit the problem.  This needs to be done by a therapeutic optometrist as it is quite a complex procedure.  Do not put iodine in your eyes as it will cause severe pain.

Watery Eyes

Watery eyes are symptoms that are found in many eye disorders such as eye strain from too much computer work, and with diseases such as conjunctivitis.

There are quite a few disorders and diseases regarding which watery eyes are a precursor such as blepharitis, ingrown eyelashes and blocked tear ducts to name a few.


Xanthelasma are yellowish deposits that are found around the eyelids.  These growths are benign and are not in anyway painful.  They can be an indicator of raised levels of cholesterol and are implicated with heart disease.


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