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Emergency Eyewear: do you need new glasses today?

Do you need an emergency pair of glasses? The Eye Practice is here for you, with same day turnaround.

By Published On: 21 February 20201.7 min read

Visiting Sydney and you’ve broken your only pair of glasses?  Or washed your contact lenses down the drain?  The Eye Practice can help! Emergency eyewear, same-day service.

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Emergency eyewear: same-day turnaround

For some people, losing or breaking their glasses is not simply inconvenient – it can be devastating, especially if you’re traveling and they’re your only pair. Imagine visiting Sydney and not being able to see the Opera House or take a walk along Bondi Beach?

But if you’re travelling and disaster strikes, we can help. The Eye Practice has an onsite lens edger and experienced technician who can make your new glasses the day you order them. Single vision lenses (for distance or reading) are in stock from -10 to +4.

NOTE: Prescriptions outside the stock range will have to be sent to the off-site lab and not be available on the same day.

What about my prescription?

If you need to get emergency glasses, you still need a prescription. For glasses, you have the option to provide your glasses prescription, take a reading off your existing lenses (if possible) or have an eye exam to determine the power of your glasses.

Luxury brands

The Eye Practice stocks a wide range of international designer frames in luxury and minimalist styles to suit all tastes. Our expert frame stylists can help you choose a frame and your new single vision glasses will be available in most cases by close of business.

What about contact lenses

Soft disposable contact lenses are usually in stock with the suppliers and in many cases available the next business day.

How quickly can I get hard or RGP contact lenses?

Hard lenses are ordered according to your exact eye and usually take 5-10 business days to arrive. However, The Eye Practice has access to hundreds of hard lenses and can usually find something to get you through an emergency until your new lens arrives.

Eye wear emergency?  Call The Eye Practice on (02) 9290 1899 and get your trip back on track.


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