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DRY EYES: New Treatment Electric Steam Goggles

Dry Eyes can affect up to 80% of the population […]

By Published On: 6 January 20121.5 min read

Dry Eyes can affect up to 80% of the population and depending on severity the affected person could try virtually anything.  In severe cases dry eyes can be debilitating.

Drastic problems need drastic solutions.

Dry Eyes even though can be quite complex can in fact be broken down into two main categories:

  1. Lack of the water component of the tear film.
  2. Lack of the oily component of the tear film.

We have yet to describe these two issues in detail but definitely will in due course.

A reasonable but inconvenient treatment for dry eyes is to sleep with a humidifier on in your bedroom.  This keeps the air moist all night and it is likley that you will wake up in the morning feeling great but…

Sleeping with a humidifier on all night every night possibly will make your bedroom mouldy and eventually breed all sorts of microorganisms!

Human beings depending on how desperate the problem is, will come up will all sorts of solutions.

An ophthalmic doctor in the UK asked his brother who was an engineer to design some steam goggles that would simulate being in a highly humidified environment.  That believe it or not was in 2001!

The goggles are called Blephasteam.  They work by adding water into the tear film but also by stimulating the meibomian glands into producing more oil into the tear film.  As you can see in the pictures above they are certainly not a fashion statement. Treatment though is reasonably convenient at two lots of 10 minutes per day.  Having clear lenses means you can watch TV or read a book while the treatment is taking effect.

Currently the Blephasteam goggles are available ex UK at 200 pounds plus postage.

For more information on this novel product CLICK HERE.


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