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DRY EYES & COSMETICS: Solving a Woman’s Dilemma

According to a medical research, thirty percent of the population […]

By Published On: 14 July 20123.1 min read

According to a medical research, thirty percent of the population is now experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes, and the majority of this number is pointed towards middle-aged women. The prevalence of this condition among women can be attributed to hormonal imbalance such as menopause or aging, and oftentimes, as a side effect of prescription medicines. One of the main dilemmas that can affect women who suffer from dry eyes is when an occasion arises wherein they need to apply cosmetics. Makeup is known to cause eye irritation and it can aggravate the condition of the eyes mainly because of these factors:

•    Makeup, especially when applied thickly, can clog the tear ducts;
•    Oil-based cosmetics such as eyeliner, when blended with the natural oils in the skin, can contaminate the eye’s tear oils.
•    Mascara can contaminate the fluids that are running in the lower lash lines and once the tear oil is contaminated, it can hinder the normal function of the meibomian glands which can lead to dryness of the eyes.

Even women who don’t suffer from chronic dry eyes can still experience these complications especially when there is a lack of proper application and hygiene. But since there are events wherein one is inevitably faced with the issue of applying makeup, it is essential that women are aware of how they can prevent the condition and the symptoms of dry eyes.

•    Use the right kind of cosmetics. One of the most popular types of eye-based cosmetics would be the powder-based ones since they provide good pigmentation and they are easy to apply. However, the minute particles of powder-based eye shadows can easily get through the fluid in the eyes. A better alternative would be to use cream-based or liquid eye makeups.
•    Proper application. The particles of eye makeup can easily get bridged into the inner parts of the eye when they are applied on the sensitive areas such as the lid margin. That is why it I would be better to apply mascara by brushing out of the lashes instead of going in, in order to avoid contact with the margins that separate the lid of the lashes to the inner corners of the eye.
•    Proper removal of makeup. Any cosmetics, when applied to the face, can eventually clog and contaminate the natural components of the skin. Foundation can easily clog the pores of the face which can lead to a skin break-out hence eye cosmetics which are left overnight can also clog the eyes and lead to irritation and complications. In order to prevent the occurrence of dry eyes, it is important that makeup is properly removed. Most women think that petroleum or oil-based products make the best cosmetics remover, but this isn’t the case. The eyes, being the most sensitive part of the face, do not react well with the oils which are used in these products. The best way to remove eye makeup would be to use a hypoallergenic cleanser or a baby shampoo, shortly after applying warm compress on the eyes. Removing the makeup should be done in a gentle, circular manner.
•    Follow-through with moisturizer. Since the eyes will be exposed to soap or shampoo products, it would be best to apply a re-hydrating moisturizer in order to retain the moisture in the surrounding skin of the eyes and avoid the onset of dry eyes.

On its own, cosmetics should be removed in order to prevent any skin complications. In the aspect of eye care, proper hygiene should be practiced in order to prevent irritated, dry eyes. Women oftentimes dismiss this as a fleeting condition, but they should keep in mind that it can actually develop in far worse complications when addressed improperly.


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