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Double vision.

Double vision

You can suffer double vision in one eye or both eyes together.

By Published On: 26 October 20200.9 min read
Double Vision or Diplopia, literally means that when you look at one object you actually see double, either vertically or horizontally. You can have double vision in one eye only or both together. Should you experience any double vision, it should be attended to immediately. Double vision is characterised by seeing two images instead of one when looking at a single object. Double vision is usually caused by an eye muscle imbalance. There are 6 muscles that are attached to each of our eyeballs that are responsible for moving our eyes into different directions. If one or more eye muscles are not functioning correctly then double vision may result. Some people may experience double vision just out of one eye. This is termed monocular double vision and is not due to a muscle imbalance but instead other ocular pathology. The underlying cause of double vision can in some cases be very serious therefore if you are experiencing double vision contact The Eye Practice immediately for an eye exam or further advice on (02) 9290 1899


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