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Correct Measurements for Your Eye Glasses

Picking the perfect eye glasses is not an easy task. […]

By Published On: 28 June 20123.5 min read

Picking the perfect eye glasses is not an easy task. If you are a first time user, the first hurdle you need to overcome is getting used to wearing them. It may take some time before you get used to having something in front of your eyes all the time.

Aesthetics will also be a consideration. The eye glasses will be part of your entire look and it will be prominently displayed in your face. Thus, you will definitely want your glasses to be as presentable as possible. You will most likely settle for something that looks fashionable yet professional at the same time.

You can be creative with your eye glasses by choosing from among different colors, designs, lens and frames. You will likely look for glasses that will match the shape of your face and eyes.

While most users of eye glasses will be concerned about the considerations mentioned above, a lot of users tend to forget and set aside the more practical considerations for their glasses. Your glasses should not only look good but they should also be functional. You should be able to use them conveniently. They should not get in the way of your daily activities so as not to defeat their purpose of helping improve your vision.

With regard to this practical aspect, most users neglect the fact that the measurements of the eye glasses are just as, or perhaps even more, important as the aesthetics. If you have already experienced wearing glasses, you must have been bothered at some point by the way your glasses slide down your nose, especially when your face starts to sweat or become oily. It is indeed annoying to have to pull up your glasses every so often just so they are positioned properly in front of your eyes. This problem is greatly dependent on the size of the frames of your glasses.

For eye glasses, the most important measurements will be the widths of the bridge, lenses and frames. These items should be measured precisely to ensure that your glasses will fit you perfectly. You can take the measurements on your own with the use of a ruler. You can do this in a short time by simply following the steps listed below.

  • To measure the width of the bridge, place your ruler in between the lenses. For more accurate results, measure the distance between the narrowest spot of the bridge.
  • To measure the width of the lens, place your ruler on top of the widest part of either one of the lenses. Make sure that the ruler is placed horizontally and it is as straight as possible to get the most precise and accurate measurement. A slight deviation or movement could affect your measurement.
  • To measure the width of the frame, place your ruler across the lenses. To ensure accuracy of your measurement, the ruler must be in line with the arm hinges of your glasses.

After taking your measurements, can you now find the perfect eye glasses. The measurements for the widths of the lens and the bridge are usually printed on the bridge piece or the inside of the arm but…

Unfortunately it is not that simple.  Having these measurements in no way will help you get it right without the help of an experienced optometrist.  In a time when the Internet is allowing convenient and inexpensive purchase of all sorts of product, do not be fooled by Internet sites that sell glasses.  Glasses need accurate eye measurements that can only be measured with the glasses on your face!  Currently this cannot occur properly.  In the future we are certain that you will be able to somehow simulate this via a 3D photo.  Presently though any eye glasses you order off the Internet will at best be an approximation.  Not to mention who will adjust them for you?

If you are only wearing the glasses for a few minutes at a time, they might be fine but if you need to wear glasses for lengthy periods and in particular for concentrated vision, make sure you have your eye glasses are customized by an optometrist – your most precious sense – your vision – depends on it.


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