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A Convenient Alternative to Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses can be difficult. It can limit your movements. […]

By Published On: 19 June 20122.8 min read

Wearing glasses can be difficult. It can limit your movements. It becomes even more burdensome when you engage in highly physical activities like sports.

Contact lenses prove to be convenient alternatives to wearing glasses. However, you might experience some discomfort when you wear them. You might even damage your eyes if you do not use your contact lenses properly.

There are laser eye surgeries that you can undergo to improve your vision. The results are positive. However, you might not have the necessary funds to pay for the expenses for a laser eye surgery. Some people are also scared of undergoing an eye surgery and of possible complications it may bring.

With the advent of technological advances, here is one option you may want to explore to improve your vision without having to wear glasses or contact lenses and undergoing eye surgery.


RevitalVision is a non-surgical training program that is designed to improve the communication between your brain and your eyes to help improve your vision to reduce or totally eliminate your need to wear glasses. This is accomplished by repetitive practice of precise visual tasks which involve patterned images with subtle differences in contrast, size and orientation.


RevitalVision is a very convenient alternative with the following features:

•    20 training sessions.
•    Can be completed at home or anywhere where you have a computer.
•    You only need an average of 20 minutes for each training session.
•    Can be customized to suit your pace and visual ability.
•    Professionally-monitored by your RevitalVision Personal Vision Specialist.


RevitalVision involves the following easy and simple steps that can help improve your vision and eliminate or reduce the need for you to wear glasses:

•    Install the RevitalVision software on your computer. If you are technologically-challenged or if you have a hard time installing the software or if you have questions, your RevitalVision Personal Vision Specialist would be more than willing to guide you in the installation process.

•    Stay in a darkened room with your computer. Sit five feet away from the monitor of your computer. You are all set to begin your first 20-minute RevitalVision session. No need to worry about the dark as the program will automatically calibrate to you.

•    After completing 10 out of the 20 sessions, with two to three sessions per week, you can see and feel some improvement in your vision. The improvement will be manifest in your normal daily activities like reading books and newspaper print. You may find a reduced need to wear glasses. Your RevitalVision Personal Vision Specialist will monitor your progress and ensure your successful completion of the program.


Considering that you might have some apprehensions about undergoing laser eye surgery, I’m sure you are also concerned about the safety of RevitalVision. Here are some information that will hopefully assure you of its safety:

•    It was tested extensively by reputable eye doctors and eye institutes all over the world prior to its release.

•    It is 100% natural, improving your vision without surgery, glasses, drugs or known risks, complications or side effects.

•    While the procedure is done at home, you are professionally-monitored by a RevitalVision Personal Visions Specialist.

•    Thousands of customers and clinical trial participants can attest to the benefits of RevitalVision.

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