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CONTACT LENSES: How successful are they?

Contact Lenses in Australia represent around 8% of the eye […]

By Published On: 30 October 20111.4 min read

Contact Lenses in Australia represent around 8% of the eye (or vision) correction population.  This is relatively low when compared to other countries like the USA, which is over 20%.

This is a real shame because contact lenses are a great vision correction option, which are under utilised in Australia due to many reasons.  We will discuss these reasons a little later in this post.

Did you know that if someone is introduced to contact lenses at some point for the first time, there is up to a 50% chance that they will have failed or discontinued their use within the first 12 months.  Basically this means that due to the high dropout rate the proportion of people that use contact lenses has not really risen for 20 years world-wide.

At The Eye Practice we specialise in contact lenses; from the most simple to the most complex.  Over 30% of our patients that need a vision correcting option wear contact lenses.  As we have said before on average it is only 8%, so why does our success rate far exceed the norm?

With many years of experience dealing with all types of prescriptions and needs, we have identified the main vital issues in contact lens wear that can lead to contact lens failure or significant reduction in comfortable wearing time.

When you understand and apply these important principles you will be ahead of at least 95% of contact lens wearers.  You certainly will be ahead of the many people that are currently struggling with their contact lenses and feel that they have no options.

In the next post we will discuss one of the issues that causes contact lenses to fail:

  • Compliance in contact lens wearing and cleaning schedules.


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