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Contact Lenses: The Future

Contact lenses are staples for most people with vision problems. […]

By Published On: 16 June 20122.6 min read

Contact lenses are staples for most people with vision problems. These are designed pieces of plastic that are worn over the eyes to improve one’s vision and to replace eye glasses. Some people use them for cosmetic purposes.

Lenses are usually classified depending on what material it is made of. The three major classifications for lenses are soft, rigid gas permeable or RGP and extended wear.

While lenses are normally used to improve vision or for aesthetic purposes, current technology allows more use for your lenses. So do not be contented with what your lenses can do for you at the moment. There is still a wide room for growth for contact lenses especially with the innovations that will be discussed below.

Bionic Contact Lens

Bionic lenses are said to be capable of projecting images like e-mails in front of your eyes. These have undergone successful animal trials so we are a step closer to having them. Persons wearing a bionic contact lens can read floating texts and e-mails. In the alternative, they can augment their sight with computer-generated images.

The initial safety tests conducted on rabbits reveals that the device is safe and feasible, without showing any obvious adverse effects.

Things to Work On

•    Good power source. Currently, it is being tested on wireless battery that should be within a few centimeters from the device.

•    Microcircuitry is only sufficient for one light emitting diode.


•    Hundred more pixels can be embedded on the lens to produce complex holographic images.
•    Drivers can see directions or vehicle speed projected on the windscreen.
•    Holds a lot of promise in taking virtual video games to a new level.
•    Provide current medical information on conditions like blood sugar levels by linking to biosensors worn in the body.
•    With built-in computer technology to monitor pressure inside the eyes essential for patients with glaucoma.

Solar Powered Contact Lenses

Solar powered contact lenses have transparent light-emitting diode or LEDs embedded on the lens. While this may sound fictional and out of this world, prospects for this type of lens appear bright. Current research show that such an innovation is feasible.

Here are some perceived uses for this type of lens:

•    Instant access in the blink of an eye to a huge amount of information like the latest market segment information or your company’s financial statements that you need for a meeting.

•    It can be used for monitoring one’s health.

•    It is capable of translating text right before your very eyes.

•    It can project useful information such as the calorie count of the food that you are eating.

•    It can provide you with a global positioning system or GPS map or directions to your destination.

With these interesting innovations, users of contact lenses are definitely looking forward to what the future holds for lenses. In a few months or years, perhaps lenses will also be capable of multi-tasking the way most of our devices and technologies are designed today.

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