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Computer eye syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is the combination of eye and body muscle strain.

By Published On: 26 October 20201.4 min read

There is no escaping Computer use, but do you have to live with eye strain?

What is eye strain?

Eye strain is eye discomfort caused by the overuse of the eye muscles and usually occurs during or after prolonged periods of reading, close work, computer work or watching television. When concentrating on these tasks for long periods of time, the inner eye muscles tighten up resulting in various symptoms of discomfort.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?

Computer Vision Syndrome is the combination of eye and body muscle strain that occurs after prolonged amounts of computer use.

Computer Vision Syndrome also involves dry eyes, which feel gritty and burn,

If left untreated the symptoms of Eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome can worsen. These conditions can negatively effect your productivity at work or school and your overall well-being.

How can Eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) be treated?

The Eye Practice has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome.

Treating computer vision syndrome can be complex and involves many therapies.

The Eye Practice now offers Computer Vision Therapy, a computerised therapy program that is used to exercise the eyes and strengthen the eye muscle system. Computer Vision Therapy can be undertaken at The Eye Practice or in your own home as the software is easily down-loadable to any personal computer.

To find out more about Computer Vision Therapy, book an eye exam above or phone (02) 9290 1899.

PLEASE READ: The information given under Eye Conditions is of a general nature and is not intended to be advice on any particular matter.  Please take the appropriate Optometrical advice before acting on any information given under Eye Conditions of The Eye Practice web-site.


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