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Computer Vision Syndrome – An Epidemic!

Eye Strain from computer screen work we all know is […]

By Published On: 9 January 20172.4 min read

Eye Strain from computer screen work we all know is very common, but there is a whole lot more that we need to think about when we sit down to our daily work or leisure load when using a digital device.

Eye Strain, Computer Vision Syndrome and Asthenopia are dealt with in more detail here.

Common Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

  1. Eye Muscle Fatigue
  2. Dry Sore Eyes
  3. Aching back
  4. Aching neck and shoulders
  5. Headaches
  6. Loss in concentration

These are all tangible, as we feel them!  They all combine into what we term Computer Vision Syndrome.

There is more to Computer Vision Syndrome though.  Sometimes what we don’t feel can cause us more harm than what we feel.  Let’s face it, if its painful we will normally take action to try and avoid the problem.  What about what we cannot feel?

Hazards of Computer and Digital Screens

Digital devices today are based on LED light technology.  There are advantages but they also have disadvantages. Here are a few:

  1. Tablets and Smart Phones now are very commonly used by our children.  The youngest generation now has the highest incidence of myopia (near-sightedness) of all generations.  This is not coincidental.  There is a very close association with excessive reading and less outdoor activity. Most of the indoor activity today by a younger generation happens to be on digital devices, whether they are playing games or doing their homework.
  2. LED based digital devices emit significant light in the blue spectrum.  This has been linked to retinal cell toxicity.  Blue light is very close to ultraviolet light, which we all know is harmful to eyes and of course our skin.
  3. LED devices are very bright. To view the device it is common to reduce the intensity.  Most LED devices flicker when the light intensity is reduced. Flicker is linked to eye strain.

So what can we do?

This is an all important question as our eyes are crying out for help!

As far as our children are concerned, outdoor activity is paramount. Better eye sight and far less obesity is linked with outdoor exercise.

When on a computer screen we should consider the following:

    1. 20-20-20: Every 20 minutes, stand up for 20 seconds (look into the distance) and consciously blink 20 times.  This very simple activity will relieve eye strain, dry eyes and back problems.
    2. Have a comprehensive eye test at least every two years. Small spectacle prescriptions can make a massive difference to relieving eye strain.
    3. Any glasses should have a blue blocker filter. A excellent choice is Prevencia by Essilor.


    1. Upgrade your computer monitor to one that is flicker free and suppresses blue light emission. An excellent choice here is the new range of BENQ monitors.

At The Eye Practice we specialise in Eye Strain.  We understand the issues and can prescribe the solutions.

Make an appointment to see us now.  Your eyes need our help.


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