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Which Coloured Glasses Match Your Face?

Though contact lenses and various corrective eye procedures are easily […]

By Published On: 31 December 20122.8 min read

Though contact lenses and various corrective eye procedures are easily attainable these days, many people still prefer to stick with the traditional eyeglasses. That is because, there are conveniences which these could bring like the ease of wearing and removing them, the fact that it is non-invasive and so on.

If you also prefer to have a pair of prescription glasses but would like to stay away from the overly-traditional look, opting for coloured glasses can be a good choice. With all the options for coloured glasses these days, how do you pick the best one?

Choosing According to Face Shape

When picking the right shape of frame for coloured glasses it is important to pull the hair back to be able to see which one fits best.

•    Box-shaped face should avoid rectangular or square-shaped frames. This will only intensify the edges of the face. Opt for the ones with soft curves or maybe pick a frame which is semi-rimless so the emphasis will be draw upwards and not to the jaw line.
•    Oval-shaped face is easy to work with but coloured glasses should not be too round either. Frames which are elongated sideways will enhance the look.
•    Heart-shaped face should stick with frameless eyeglasses. That way, the area within the eyes would not be highlighted even more which makes the cheekbones look protruding.
•    For round faces, the last thing that they should pick is a pair of glasses with rounded frames. The best options are those with sharp corners to provide structure and definition for the overall look.

Using Eye Color as Basis

The color of the eyes should work well with the coloured glasses. The key is in picking a color which is close to the natural hue of the eyes to draw attention to its beauty even more.

•    Brown Eyes. Copper, beige champagne and tangerine are the safest options for brown eyes. This will add more depth and drama to the color of the eyes. For people who would like to stray away from the traditional shades, dark blue and lavender coloured glasses work perfectly too.
•    Blue Eyes. Blue eyes can be very stunning and the color of the eyes should not be overpowered by the glasses. Silver, fuschia, violet. Purple and midnight blue are great options for this eye color. For those with deep blue eyes¸ bright blue and black frames are the perfect picks.
•    Green Eyes. People with green eyes are probably the ones who have the least problem when it comes to picking eyeglasses. There is a wide range of coloured glasses to choose from but the safest ones are apricot, light green, gold, rich brown and purple.

These days, since eye glasses are becoming more and more trendy, even prescription lenses can have different colors of tint too. This can also be a good way to jazz up the traditional prescription glasses and make it look more updated. Just ensure that the tint would not be a hindrance when it comes to reading and having a clear vision.

Choosing the right glasses is not only about colour and shape. It is just as importantly about fit and then to have your prescription fitted accurately. Unfortunately not all suppliers of glasses can or will do it properly.  Be very wary with who you trust your most precious commodity – Your Vision.



  1. Andrea pilcher 7 November 2015 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    Do you sell +3 ready-readers in any of your coloured frames?

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