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BlephEx – Finally a Treatment for Blepharitis!

Blepharitis over the years has been a very frustrating eye […]

By Published On: 25 April 20141.8 min read

Blepharitis over the years has been a very frustrating eye condition for both patient and practitioner. Dr Jim Kokkinakis at The Eye Practice (Sydney CBD) has developed one of the most advanced Dry Eye Clinics in the world and Blepharitis has become one of the most common reasons that he sees dry eye patients.

Old treatments like baby shampoo and heat compresses just don’t work. In many cases it makes things worse.

Last year an innovative procedure called BlephEx was approved by the FDA in the USA. The Eye Practice immediately purchased a unit and has now been successfully treating blepharitis for over 6 months.

Many of our patients have been afflicted with this frustrating condition for many years.  What is fairly clear is that blepharitis is related to a skin condition called rosacea.  It also causes significant dry eye type symptoms, whilst the eyelid margins are inflamed.

Even though the underlying condition is systemic, by cleaning the eyelid margins using the innovative tool called BlephEx, it is possible to improve the condition of the eyelids nearly to the point of looking and feeling normal.

What we must stress though is that the earlier treatment is started the better. Multiple treatments are required over the first year or so to bring this under control.  There is no real cure for this and there is no magic button you can press to make it go away.  Blepharitis takes many years to develop to the point that the eyelid margins can become damaged, so it makes sense that it cannot be brought under control immediately.

If blepharitis has been irritating your eyes and you have yet to get it under control, make an appointment to see Dr Jim Kokkinakis Optometrist at the Eye Practice Sydney CBD for a comprehensive assessment and then appropriate treatment.

BlephEx has been a tremendous addition to our treatment options.  It is best compared to seeing your dentist for a good clean to avoid gum disease.  Blepharitis slowly diseases the lid margin similar to gum disease.  Getting blepharitis under control can be as simple as two or three BlephEx procedures.  Make an appointment now and get your eyelids back in shape.


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