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Announcing exciting eye care news for 2019

If you suffer from dry eyes or are worried about […]

By Published On: 21 December 20182.1 min read

If you suffer from dry eyes or are worried about your (or your child’s) myopia, The Eye Practice has news of some very exciting developments for 2019:

Dry eye syndrome – latest trials

We are delighted to announce that The Eye Practice is one of a select number of practices in Australia that have been chosen for the trial of an innovative dry eye treatment.  In 2019 we will be screening dry eye sufferers for their suitability for this exciting new therapy.

Results from early clinical trials look very promising.  This therapy is best suited to dry eye sufferers who have meibomian gland dysfunction, where the oil glands of the eyelids are blocked, leading to a lack of oil in the tear film.  

Meibomian gland dysfunction (also called MGD) is a common condition and although it does not always cause dry eye syndrome, it is often associated with it. Some studies estimate that this condition is the underlying cause of 70% of dry eye symptoms.

Regarding this new treatment, that’s all we can say for now, but watch out for your invitation to participate in trials in early 2019.

NaturalVue contact lenses for myopia control

As one of the most experienced, expert contact lens practices in the country, The Eye Practice will lead the pack in the latest treatment for myopia control: NaturalVue soft, daily disposable, contact lenses.

NaturalVue are multifocal contact lenses like we’ve never seen them before – providing crisp distance vision along with relaxed reading vision. This removes the need for the eye to change focus to read, which is one of the triggers for myopia progression – or worsening short-sightedness.

This property is also the reason that NaturalVue are a great alternative to multifocal glasses for adults over 45 years of age. These lenses allow clear vision at a range of distances, without the limitations of glasses.

They work in an entirely different way to multifocal glasses, so if you’ve struggled with multifocals and are willing to give contact lenses a try, these lenses could be a game-changer.  They are removed and discarded at night and a fresh pair inserted next morning.

Suitable for adults and children, these lenses cost approximately $2 per day (per eye).

New practice news…

The Eye Practice will be opening its much-anticipated state-of-the-art practice in the CPD in 2019! We can hardly wait. Watch this space for your invitation to the official opening!

Looking for the best eye care in town? Talk to the experts. Call The Eye Practice on (02) 9290 1899 or make an appointment online.


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