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7 Jobs That Could Cause You Eye Strain

In this article, we look at the seven jobs that […]

By Published On: 16 December 20164.5 min read

In this article, we look at the seven jobs that are most likely to predispose you to eye strain. Anyone can develop this problem, but some individuals are more likely to develop these symptoms than others.

We have previously covered symptoms, how to avoid it, as well as how to treat it.


It is one thing to write, and another thing to make the writing error-free. Professional proofreaders work on virtually all published materials both hard copy and soft copy—just like this article you are currently reading—to maintain grammatical soundness. Sometimes, editing is also done alongside proofreading to ensure that the finished writing is not only grammatically okay, but coherent and accurate.
To do this, proofreaders carefully peruse every word. Whether it is a 150-words product description, a 500-word speech or a 100,000-word novel, proofreaders spend several hours reviewing every word, phrase and sentence in the document. This tedious job stresses the ciliary muscles of the eyes as they try to help the eyes focus on the target which is usually a computer screen or typed documents.

Professional Writing

Writing is arguably the job that strains the eyes the most. If proofreading, which entails just reading (while checking for errors), can strain the eyes quite easily, then the act of writing one letter after another is definitely very stressful. In fact, some of the earliest spectacles were designed for writers and scholars; the Benjamin Franklin Bifocal Lens for instance.
But how exactly does writing cause eye strain? Writing is not harmful to the eyes. It is the conditions that surround the writing that harms the eyes. For instance, writing under dim light, or too much light, and for a long period of time will definitely cause stress to the eyes.


Blogging is an online content-publishing activity or job which requires constant effort by the blogger. For most bloggers, especially the ones in competitive niches such as news, entertainment and education, they have no choice but to struggle all day to have the latest information on their blog. The quest to be the first to publish news and other important information keeps bloggers glued to their computers several hours of the day.
This constant exposure of the eye to computer light without adequate breaks results in Computer Eye Strain. For bloggers, it is not necessarily the writing that strains their eyes; some blogs are as short as 150 words. It is the countless hours they spend researching high-quality content, replying to comments and promoting their blogs that result in the visual stress.


The sense of sight is of utmost importance to anyone that drives a vehicle. It is the eyes that makes a driver, and not just any eyes, but healthy eyes. As expected, divers have to focus on carefully conveying themselves and their passengers safely to their destination. To do this, they need to constantly focus their gaze on the road that lies ahead of them. Some drivers, who drive trucks and other commercial vehicles, sometimes push the gas pedal for several hours per day.
As a result of prolonged focus, the eyes get weak, strained and eyelids begin to droop. Roadside accidents caused by sleeping drivers are not uncommon, especially when the driver is on a lonely highway.


Welders constantly get in contact with two things are not good for their eyes. The first is sparks and the second is welding fumes. When professional welders carry out welding activities, their eyes get exposed to welding fumes which can ‘burn’ their cornea and dehydrate their tear films. Additionally, welders squint their eyes as they watch the sparks from their welding arcs, and this happens whether they wear protective goggles or not.
To prevent both sparks and fumes from entering the eyes, the eyes react naturally by squinting. It is this constant squinting, when prolonged, that results in eye strain.


Programming is not for jokers. We all know this. Creating a program with a typical programming language such as C++, Pascal, and Java can take weeks or even months. Popular games like PokemonGo and Grand Theft Auto took months to complete. But the long hours spent by the game programmers behind their computers, as they labour to produce the application, puts them at risk of eye strain.

Web Development

This is similar to programming but is not the same. While programmers code applications and softwares, web developers code websites. But what these two jobs have in common is the countless hours involved in the coding. Although some web developers design websites online, some others craft it offline, then upload to the internet. But since writing code lines such as HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript and the rest of them, require time and caution, web developers unavoidably stress their eyes.


You need not panic if you do one or more of the jobs listed. What we want you to know is that you are more likely to develop eye strain than individuals who don’t stress their eyes as much as you do. Fortunately, optometrists can help you prevent these symptoms from developing. Prescription glasses, blue blockers and other eye-wear, as well as blink rehabilitation and other remedies, help eliminate symptoms.

Had enough of your tired, stressed eyes? The Eye Practice is highly experienced in the management of eye strain. Call us today on (02) 9290 1899 or make an appointment online today.


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