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Makeup and Dry Eyes – Is There a Connection?

The question about whether dry eyes can be induced by […]

By Published On: 29 March 20141.2 min read

The question about whether dry eyes can be induced by inappropriate use of makeup commonly is asked of our optometrists at The Eye Practice. Usually this comes up as an aside and can be easily brushed over as most eye tests involve perfecting the vision and making sure there is no possible blinding eye diseases present. Yet makeup around the eyes is a very important topic in the context of dry eye management.


Eye Liner

The use of eyeliner is probably the single biggest issue.  Especially when it is placed just behind the eyelashes.  Behind the eyelashes are the openings to the meibomian glands, which when working properly excrete oil into the eye to lubricate it.  If these are blocked by waxy eye liner the implications of this are obviou

Eye liner even after removal can still be blocking the meibomian glands

When Dr Jim Kokkinakis discusses eyeliner with his patients a look of distress often appears on their faces – “You mean I have to stop using eye liner!”

The answer is no, you just need to think about where you are placing it.  If it must be used then restrict its application to in front of the eyelashes.

Does everyone listen to this advice?

Unfortunately no. It tends to be related with how irritated their eyes are and how much it might be interfering with lifestyle.


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