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10 Eye Symptoms you should NOT ignore!

When most people have something wrong with them the first […]

By Published On: 5 November 20122.9 min read

When most people have something wrong with them the first thing they “do” is “do nothing” – which seems a bit contradictory don’t you think?

But remembering after all that it is human nature to wait and see if things are going to clear up, so it should be expected.

When it comes to the eyes going wrong they are not exempt from their owners ignoring any symptoms; however it is so easy today to make an appointment with an optometrist to carry out an examination – NO symptom of the eye should be ignored.

If you are experiencing any of the problems below you should be seen soon. BOOK an APPOINTMENT ONLINE by CLICKING HERE or call us now on (02) 9290 1899.

1. Visual Acuity – meaning ability to see

Has reading become difficult, or is it becoming difficult to see road signs at a distance?  You should know these things are happening when your family and friends comment on your lack of ability to see things clearly (which they are capable of doing without any need for prompting).

Loss of peripheral vision comes under this symptom but may not be readily noticed. The condition may occur very slowly and increased eye movements may be used to compensate.

2. Blurred Vision

This can be the sign of something seriously wrong – not only with the eyes but perhaps the brain, high blood pressure and so on. Get it checked out!

3. Persistently Dry Eyes

This could be a symptom of something as simple as too much time spent staring at the computer giving rise to “Computer Vision Syndrome” or “CVS”.

Initiating a habit of getting up from the computer every 20 minutes or looking into the distance for 20 seconds every now an then can alleviate any problems.

4. Persistently Wet Eyes

If tear ducts are blocked then tears cannot properly drain away. The condition can be cleared up by minor surgery.

5. The Effects of Light

There are a few things associated with light:

•    Discomfort in bright or glaring light – typically driving a car at night

•    Seeming to see flashes of light when there obviously aren’t any lights around

•    Needing more light to see things – typically the menu in a candle-lit restaurant

6. Eye Pain

Eye pain needs to be attended to and the causes investigated don’t you think – or you could wait and see if it clears up?

Seriously – seek assistance.

7. Seeing “Floaters”

Floaters are cobweb-like structures that seem to appear and “float” around when you know they aren’t really there – but you are not imagining them! Your eye is transmitting an image of changes in the internal gel in the eye to the brain.

It’s important that you take immediate action to seek medical attention if such a symptom is felt.

8. Swelling of the Eyelids

The eyelids are what the eye relies on to protect and lubricate it and keep it clean and free from infection. Swollen eyelids can be an indication of a variety of infections that can be readily treated by medication, and early intervention provides an equally early recovery.

9. Repeated Bouts of “Pink Eye”

Pink eye is a condition where the eye becomes bloodshot. Over the counter (OTC) eye drops can alleviate the symptoms, but believe it or not in many cases they can make the condition worse. If repeated bouts occur then consult an optometrist.

10. Crusty Eyes and Discharge

A discharge of any kind from the eye needs treatment as it inevitably leads to crusting, which in turns is going to lead to rubbing and further problems.


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