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Growing up we hear many stories about what is good […]

By Published On: 26 September 20112.7 min read

Growing up we hear many stories about what is good for your eyes and what is bad for your eyes, but how many of these stories are true?  Some are outrageous and others believable enough. Here we are going to look at the 10 most common myths and find out which of these are fact and which are not.

MYTH: Using your eyes too much can wear them out.

FACT: Eyes are designed to last a lifetime if they are healthy. The health of the eyes have nothing to do with the amount you use them.

MYTH: Eating carrots gives you good eye sight.

FACT: Carrots contain vitamin A which helps to protect the structures of the eye. A balanced diet contains enough vitamin A to maintain a healthy eye without having to eat like a rabbit.

MYTH: Wearing glasses to much makes your eye sight worse.

FACT: Glasses are worn to correct blurry vision. When you start wearing glasses, you get accustomed to seeing clearly, and you will want to wear them more often. This doesn’t mean that your eye sight has deteriorated. It simply means that you enjoy good clear vision without the eye strain.

MYTH: Reading in poor light is bad for your eyes.

FACT: Reading in poor light does not damage your eyes. You may experience eye fatigue or headaches, but it will not damage your eyes. There are no studies to prove or disprove this fact, although there is thought that it can promote short sightedness.

MYTH: Wearing someone else’s glasses can damage your eyes.

FACT: No harm can be done by wearing glasses that are not your prescription. You may not see very well through them and you may experience eye fatigue and at worst a headache.

MYTH: If you cross your eyes they may get stuck there; especially if the wind changes direction while crossing them.

FACT: There is no way your eyes can get permanently stuck there, but it’s a good one when trying to stop your kids crossing their eyes!

MYTH: Wearing sunglasses indoors will harm your eyes.

FACT: Sunglasses are designed to be worn to protect eyes from UV rays and glare. Wearing them indoors may be cool but probably best left for the outdoors. Worn indoors however will not harm your eyes.

MYTH: Computers damage your eyes.

FACT: Up until less than a decade ago, computers did not actually harm your eyes. Prolonged time on a computer screen without regular breaks caused eye fatigue, but there was no long-term damage. BUT modern LED digital screens emit blue-violet light, and studies are now starting to show that this can be damaging to the back of your eyes. Taking regular breaks and using moistening eye drops will help reduce any discomfort to the eyes. Computer vision fatigue is very common and always needs a comprehensive eye examination to alleviate this most frustration condition.

MYTH: During eye surgery the eye ball is removed.

FACT: The eye ball is never removed from the eye socket. Doing this would cause the eye to be permanently disconnected from the optic nerve.

MYTH: If you masturbate you can go blind.

FACT: Again, a good one to tell the kids, but no, there is no truth in this at all.


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