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MACULAR DEGENERATION: Natural Methods in Prevention

22 Jul 2012 - Eye Practice

As aging is an inevitable phase that occurs to every individual who has fortunately reached his later years in life, it is also the stage wherein his body hosts a variety of health and medical conditions. One of the main aspects that is directly affected would be his vision, and eye-related complications such as macular degeneration can occur by the time he reaches 65 years or older.  ..


08 Jul 2012 - Eye Practice
Macular Degeneration ..

Smoking and Cataracts!

17 Jan 2012 - Eye Practice

Cataracts are quite common but...  ..

MACULAR DEGENERATION: What can be done to reduce your risk?

13 Nov 2011 - Eye Practice

Macular Degeneration we now know is the most common cause of legal blindness in an age group greater than 50.  With life expectancy increasing, we will have a potential tsunami of new cases of macular degeneration.  This will create a huge burden on the individual, on their families and on society in general if we do not take a stance against this debilitating condition from now!  ..

Your eyes are smoking too!

09 Nov 2011 - Eye Practice

It is safe to say that most people in the world today are aware of the harmful effects of smoking. Everyone should also be aware of the connection between smoking, heart disease and lung cancer.  ..

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