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Computers and your eyes: The risks

Download our free eBook and learn more about the causes of digital eyestrain and how you can reduce the impact of computers on your eyes.

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Dry Eye - What You Need to Know

Our ultimate guide to Dry Eye takes you through every aspect of the condition, from underlying causes to the latest diagnostic equipment and in-house treatments. Many people are told that eye drops are the only solution but this is simply not the case.

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Keratoconus – What You Need to Know

Our popular guide thoroughly explains Keratoconus – who gets it? Why? How is it managed? Can you go blind from it? Is a corneal graft the ultimate solution? This eBook also covers the latest surgical treatments as well as what’s in the pipeline.

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Myopia Control and Ortho-K

Do you want to understand more about slowing myopia? Download our free eBook and learn more about the latest techniques for slowing and even stopping the progression of myopia.

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New glasses? Choosing the perfect pair

Ever wondered how some people find the most flattering glasses frames? The Eye Practice has put together a short guide to choosing the perfect pair.

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Podcast: Dry Eye and Computer Vision Syndrome

Checklist for contact lens success

Struggling with your contacts? The Eye Practice has put together a short checklist for maximising your chances of contact lens success.

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Choosing a Dry Eye Specialist

Researching the best optometrist or ophthalmologist for your dry eye treatment? The Eye Practice has prepared a checklist with 7 questions to help you make an informed decision.

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Choosing a Keratoconus Specialist

Choosing the right practitioner for your keratoconus treatment is an important decision and can make the difference between needing a corneal graft and avoiding one. The Eye Practice has prepared a Checklist of 7 questions to ease the task of choosing who to see.

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Macular Health Checklist

Concerned about your macular health? Some things - like age and family history – you can’t do anything about.

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At a glance: Your Keratoconus Consultation

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with keratoconus it can be an anxious time. The Eye Practice has put together a handy guide to what to expect from your initial consultation for keratoconus.

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Confused about the different options for myopia control?

If you are concerned about preventing or slowing down your child’s myopia, you will find this guide invaluable in answering your questions.

Keratoconus Contact Lenses

Keratoconus contact lenses Which ones are for me?
Find out what you need to know

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Quick Guide to Treatment for Red Eyes

If you’re suffering from red eyes, chances are you may be making them worse through the incorrect use of eye drops. The Eye Practice has put together a quick guide of do’s and don’ts for the best treatment of red eyes.

Struggling with multifocals?

Or nervous about getting your first pair? The Eye Practice has put together a Quick Guide to Multifocal Success.

Understanding Eye Test Results

Ever wondered what all those numbers actually mean when you have your eyes tested? The Eye Practice has put together a short guide to understanding the numbers on your glasses prescription.


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