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The Eye Practice
The Eye Practice
Eye care.

Eye care

Helping you care for your eyesight.

  • Glaucoma eye tests.

Glaucoma eye test

A glaucoma eye test collects information about the optic nerve and peripheral vision. It can help prevent blindness.

  • A man suffering eyestrain.

Eyestrain treatment

Eyestrain treatment is very effective. In fact, it can usually minimise or even eliminate eyestrain all together.

  • Eye strain symptoms.

Eyestrain symptoms

Eyestrain symptoms include tired eyes and headaches. However, optometrists can also detect clinical signs like eye muscle imbalance.

  • A man suffering eyestrain.


Eyestrain occurs when eyes get tired after prolonged, intense use. Symptoms are usually short-lived, but include sore eyes and headache.

  • Comprehensive eye tests.

Eye tests

Eye tests check your ability to see both distant and near objects. They are used by optometrist to determine whether or not glasses or contact lenses might be required.

  • Eye drops for dry eyes.

Eye drops for dry eyes

Discover the best eye drops for treatment of dry eyes, and why the wrong drops can do more harm than good.

Eye diseases caused by myopia

Myopia can cause eye disease like cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment. It happens when the eye elongates, stretching delicate tissues.

  • Dry eyes treatment.

Dry eyes treatment

The goal of dry eyes treatment is to improve the production of tears to lubricate the eye, thereby reducing discomfort and pain.

  • Dry eye test.

Dry eyes testing

Dry eyes testing aims to determine the extent of the condition. It includes a questionnaire as well as specialised optical imaging.

  • The symptoms of dry eye.

Dry eyes symptoms

The symptoms of dry eyes include sensations of grittiness, itchiness and stinging. The symptoms will usually not go away without treatment.

  • Causes of dry eyes.

Dry eyes causes

Dry eyes causes can be related to poorly functioning tear glands, environmental factors or even natural ageing.

  • Dry eyes.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes happen when tears do not lubricate the eye properly. This can lead to a sensation of grittiness or irritation.

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