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Hyperopia – also known as long-sightedness or far- sightedness – is a condition where objects are seen clearly in the distance, however the eye finds it difficult to focus on objects up close. Without correction, hyperopia can cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches.

What is hyperopia (long-sightedness)?

Hyperopia, or more commonly known long-sightedness, is a vision condition in which distance objects are generally seen clearly, but close objects appear blurred. In greater amounts of hyperopia the vision may be blurred at all distances. Hyperopia occurs if the eyeball is shorter than usual or if the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, is too flat.

Most people are born with a small degree of hyperopia that they grow out of. In greater amounts of hyperopia a person may not grow out of it completely and it will continue to be present in adulthood.

Contact lenses or glasses may be used to optically correct hyperopia or for some patients laser surgery may be considered. The friendly Optometrists at The Eye Practicecan advise you on the various ways hyperopia can be corrected and will help you to decide which option is best for you.

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