By Published On: 10 March 20200.7 min read

Aniridia, literally means “no iris”. That is, a person is born without the coloured part of the eye, or a partial iris. This condition often brings with it a series of problems that can affect the whole anatomy of the eye, resulting in vision problems. Aniridia is normally congenital (i.e. you are born with it) and is associated with other ocular problems, including nystagmus, amblyopia and cataract. In some people it is also associated with other disorders and syndromes.  In aniridia, the iris of the eye is missing or only partially present. This results in poor focus and light sensitivity as well as other ocular problems.  Specialist contact lenses can be fitted to improve the cosmetic appearance of the eye as well as comfort (from light sensitivity) and visual acuity.


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