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Using Your Contact Lens Solution as an Eye Drop

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Using Your Contact Lens Solution as an Eye Drop

If you are using your contact lens solution as an eye drop to lubricate your eyes, maybe you shouldn't!  Contact lens solutions are to disinfect your lenses.  If your eyes feel dry then you should look at treating the dry eyes rather than using your solution to refresh the lenses.

A very important point to also consider is that over a period of 10 years, something like 70% of people stop using their lenses because of contact lens discomfort!  Seek attention from a contact lens specialist if you value wearing this vision correction modality.

Contact lenses are probably one of the most preferred means of addressing vision problems. Admittedly, they are more convenient to use and wear than big and bulky eye glasses. Even with the advent of laser eye surgeries to correct vision problems, contact lenses remain popular to people who do not have the funds to pay for the surgery or who are too scared or worried of the risks and complications of such procedure.

While they prove to be cheaper, safer and more convenient alternatives, contact lenses also have their downside. People with vision problems are also concerned about the safety of these lenses which are often too small and too fragile to handle. Because of these attributes, these lenses should be handled with extra care at all times.

Another consideration for people who wish to use contact lenses is the fact that these are so sensitive and they cannot be exposed to other fluids apart from the following:

•    Natural fluids in your eyes
•    Special contacts solutions
•    Specially designed eye drops for these lenses.

Most of the time, however, people who wear lenses only keep contact lens solutions with them. But in some instances, your eyes tend to be very dry when you wear contact lenses in certain environments. 

This can make wearing the lenses unbearable, so something needs to be done if you cannot take then lenses off and wear your glasses.

You would most likely feel helpless especially if you do not have access to the prescribed eye drops specially designed for your lenses. One option if you have lubricants available is to use the overnight storage solution.  


Here are some easy steps on how you can substitute eye drops for lenses with your contact lens disinfecting solution:

•    The first thing we need to understand is that it is quite possible that your contact lens storage solution could in fact be responsible for your eye irritation.
•    Therefore using your solution should be a last resort step.
•    If you use lubricating drops regularly you are best to use non preserved ampules as preservatives in any type of solution can be toxic to the eyes.
•    If you do not have anything other than your contact lens storage solution make sure you do not touch the tip of the bottle with your eye, as you can infect the solution and ultimately give yourself an eye infection.
•    If you think you are sensitive to the solutions you store your lenses in (remember this is quite common), you should immediately see your optometrist for advice.

•    Long term sensitivity to contact lens solutions is one of the major reasons that many patients ultimately drop out of contact lenses altogether.

At The Eye Practice, solving contact lens related issues is our specialty. Our policy, which has been very successful over the years is:

1.    Prescribe single use contact lenses that are stored in non-preserved solutions.
2.    If re-useable lenses must be prescribed then we recommend non-preserved cleaning systems to avoid complications.
3.    We seem to have had some success lately with a new contact lens solution called BioTrue made by Bausch & Lomb. This solution has been designed from the ground up to try and mimic human tears. It is the only preserved solution that we

 are comfortable with at the moment due to the horrendous dropout rates that currently occur with contact lens wear.

4.    Educate our patients extensively – not all contact lenses and contact lens solutions are the same!

Ultimately it is best to avoid using your storage solution as a lubricant as it is likely that it is the actual cause of your problem to begin with.

If you are experiencing problems with your contact lenses and want to try and guarantee your ongoing success call us for an appointment on (02) 9290 1899 or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT by CLICKING HERE.

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