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Comprehensive Eye Test

Are all eye examinations the same?

We don't think so. A comprehensive eye sight test at The Eye Practice in the Sydney CBD is like nothing you will have experienced before. 


Because we see each and every patient as someone with unique eye care needs. Your examination will include a thorough eye health evaluation along with the best solution to all your eye care needs.


The Eye Practice listens

Our optometrists really listen carefully to your eye health needs and, supported by the latest in cutting-edge technology, they will work with you to provide effective solutions to your concerns, whether you have dry eyes, eye strain or eye disease.


What's involved? 

Your initial eye examination will take approximately 1 hour and will generally include the following steps:

(No time to read the whole article? Download our Free Guide to Understanding Eye Test Results here.)


1. Patient Interview

One of the most important components of the process is the communication between the eye practitioner and the patient.  
This is often skipped because it is considered a time-waster for the optometrist.  We are convinced that it is crucial to a successful outcome, as every person is unique and requires a tailored solution:

  • Finding out about you and your vision needs.

  • Finding out about your previous eye health history.

  • Finding out about your general health and any family history of eye conditions. 

Once the above information has been collected, we will be in a position to accurately determine whether you need any further specialised care, such as dry eyes or computer eye strain management.

2. Comprehensive eye examination - the eye test chart!

  • Assessing any eye wear and lens care systems you currently use.
  • Measuring your vision and the focusing ability of your eye.
  • Determining if any eye wear is required and, if so, what prescription gives you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.
  • The correct optical correction, whether it is eye glasses, contact lenses or vision hygiene in today's digital age, has become critical. 
  • Assessing your overall eye health, both inside and out, for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic related eye conditions and cataract.

3. Eye disease diagnosis

This is where your journey takes on a new dimension.

The Eye Practice has been at the forefront of eye-testing technology since 1987, when we installed the first computerised visual field test analyser for diagnosing glaucoma and other eye diseases.

Since then we have upgraded this very important instrument at least seven times.  

The discovery of a scotoma (or a blind-spot) in the visual field is critical in diagnosing and managing both glaucoma and neurological conditions that affect the visual cortex and the optic nerve pathway. 

In 2005 we introduced Optical Coherence Tomography, also known as OCT.

This technology was only used in large eye hospitals at the time.

Since then we have upgraded this magnificent instrument at least four times. 

  • More on technology at The Eye Practice is discussed in our ABOUT section. 
  • Even though technology is important, expert optometrists and optical dispensers are even more important
  • You will also have an eye pressure test, which gives clues to your risk of developing glaucoma. 

4. Eye test results explained


This is when we discuss our findings with you and make a recommendation tailored to your eye health needs:

  • If contact lenses are required our specialist optometrists will help you choose lenses and a lens care system that will comfortably support your visual needs.
  • If contact lenses are prescribed you will be taught how to insert and remove the contact lenses safely and how to clean and care for them correctly.
  • If glasses are required, the type of lenses will be discussed with you and our expert frame stylists will help you choose frames that suit your individual personality. We also will ensure that they fit comfortably and provide you with the clearest vision possible.
  • Sometimes the best vision option is laser eye surgery.  The Eye Practice has been referring patients for this eye procedure for more than 20 years.  
  • Occasionally an eye disease might be diagnosed.  Even though this a scary time, it is still best to get this information as early as possible.  
  • The key here is eye disease management. Over many years of managing eye diseases, we have also aligned ourselves with world leading ophthalmologists, who we trust with our family members.
Many patients want to understand the numbers on their glasses prescription. This is something that takes most students months to master at University, but here is a quick guide to understanding the numbers:

The prescription for each eye usually consists of three numbers
e.g. RE (right eye): - 4.50 DS / -1.00 DC x 90  

  • The first two numbers added together tell you how shortsighted or longsighted you are. 
  • If it is a minus number (e.g. -2.25), then you are shortsighted. It is a plus number, you're longsighted.
  • The first number tells you how short / long-sighted you are in one contour of your eye. (Think of this as being a bit like a rugby ball, with two different curves). 
  • The second number tells you how much astigmatism there is - if any. Most people get very confused about astigmatism! It is perfectly normal to have a little astigmatism and more common to have it than not. If you have more that 1.0 of astigmatism, you can get some distortion in your vision, particularly in low light. This is easily corrected with glasses. 
  • The last number tells you where the axis of the astigmatism is. This means, which part of your eye is more shortsighted than the other. 

Can I do my eye test online? 

No! While you may find a sample eye test chart online, this is for demonstration purposes only and will be different to the charts you see during your eye exam.  

An optometrist's consultation room is set up with very precise distances between the test chart and your eye in order to get the correct glasses prescription for your eyes. 

Remember, the most important part of the examination is the assessment of your eye health. This needs to be done by the professionals. 

To achieve clear, comfortable vision, call The Eye Practice on (02) 92901 899 or make an appointment online.


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