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 Man wearing Lindberg Sunglasses.

Lindberg Sunglasses

Lindberg - Discreet Elegance - Danish Design Lindberg Sunglasses

Lindberg sunglasses are like no others.

Danish design with lightness in mind. Even the larger models are so light you can easily forget you are wearing them.

Lindberg is renowned for their attention to detail, patented technologies and individual craftsmanship. Lindberg  designs have won dozens of prestigious design awards, and when you pick one up, you can see why.

The sunglasses are light but strong, elegant but have a distinct visual impact. Lindberg, can be individually crafted. If you see one that you love and it does not fit, never fear, it can be made with the appropriate adjustments, to temple length, bridge size and colour. Each frame can be customized to your specific preferences, hand finished with an individual serial number.

The minimalist design includes sunglasses with no screws, rivets and welds. This allows them to be among the strongest, lightest and most comfortable sunglasses in the world.

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