All contact-lens wear involves some degree of risk. The following is a list of some of the side effects of wearing ortho k lenses: 

  • eye irritation
  • discomfort  
  • infection (rare) following from ill-fitting or poorly maintained contact lenses

With the appropriate wearing and cleaning of the lenses, however, these risks can be kept very low. Comfort issues are rare, as lenses are only worn at night, when there is minimal blinking and movement of the lenses. Good hygiene is essential, so, for children wearing ortho-k lenses, cleaning must be supervised by an adult.

At The Eye Practice, it is very rare for our ortho k patients to have any complications associated with their myopia control treatment.  This is because our trained optometrists take the time to carefully educate every ortho k patient about proper hygiene techniques, as well as thoroughly check for any problems at each appointment.

Maintaining excellent eye health for each patient is always our top priority.