This is normally covered by a single package fee which includes the fitting, lenses, training and follow up.

Orthokeratology treatment is tailored for each individual, and requires frequent initial appointments and potentially multiple lenses until the final lens fit is achieved. 

Private health funds may contribute an amount towards the cost of the lenses, depending on what extras are included in the fund membership.

Approximately four to five clinic visits are required in the first month. This includes:

  • the initial eye examination
  • an appointment to fit the lenses
  • training on how to insert
  • remove and look after the lenses
  • ensuring that the treatment is working well 

All follow-up appointments required in the first three months are complimentary. 

What’s included in the ortho k price?

Unlike other clinics, optometrists at The Eye Practice take as much time as necessary to ensure that each patient is thoroughly trained at lens insertion and removal. This is usually accomplished in one appointment, however more appointments are sometimes needed and these are also included for free as part of the initial ortho k package.  

Parents of young children using ortho k lenses are often involved with handling the lenses, and so they also require some training during the appointment. 

Due to the initial time and money invested in the ortho k fitting and training process, it is important to choose an optometry practice that is highly experienced in orthokeratology contact lenses, such as The Eye Practice. This will ensure that success is achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If you have any questions about ortho k or the cost of treatment, please contact us online or call (02) 9290 1899.