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About Your Child's Vision

Can my child wear contact lenses during sports activities?

I have noticed my child’s eye wandering. What should I do?

I wear glasses. Will my child inherit my eyesight?

My child is becoming short-sighted and I don’t want them to have to wear glasses. Can something be done?

My child keeps mixing up colours? Is my child colour blind?

When is my child old enough to wear contact lenses?

When should my child’s eyes be examined?

Will sitting too close to the television hurt my child’s eyes?

Will using the computer hurt my child’s eyes?

About Your Contact Lenses

Can I lose my contact lenses behind my eyes?

Can I store my lenses without any solution?

Can I use eye drops with my contact lenses?

Can I wash and store my contact lenses in tap water?

Can I wear make-up with my contact lenses?

How can I tell if I've put my lens in the wrong eye?

How can I tell if my contact lens has fallen out of my eye?

How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out?

How do I know when to dispose of my disposable contact lenses?

How long each day can I wear my contact lenses?

I have astigmatism. Can I still wear contact lenses?

Why do I have to clean my contact lenses?

About Your Glasses

Can I get glasses that I can use for everything?

Can I get glasses that I can use for sports?

How long will it take for my glasses to be made?

About Your Vision

Are special vitamins and supplements good for my eyes?

Are sunglasses good for my eyes?

My eyes are feeling strained. Can I do any exercises for this?

Will reading in poor light hurt my eyes?

Will watching television hurt my eyes?

Will working on the computer hurt my eyes?

About Your Eye Exam

Can I claim my consultation fee on Medicare?

Can you process my private health fund claims at my appointment using HICAPS?

How long will my appointment take?

How often should I have my eyes examined?

If my eyes are fine every time then why should I have my eyes examined again in 2 years?

What do I have to bring to my appointment?

Why do you want to know about my family history?

Why do you want to know about my general health and any medications I am taking?

Will you be checking for any other eye problems apart from those corrected by glasses?

Will you be putting drops in my eyes?

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