Francis Klein

Your glasses should be as unique as you

Francis Klein is dedicated to manufacturing customised one-of-a-kind glasses. Each frame is unique in its combination of shape, colour and decor. The Eye Practice stocks all three collections – the Optics (for everyday luxury), the Exceptional (for the ultimate head-turning experience) and the Solar collection.

French optician Francis Klein and his wife Michèle created their own original collection, launched in 1970, to combat a world of ‘ordinary glasses.’

Today, their two daughters Dixie and Betty continue to develop the business’s reputation in their Parisian showroom. The brand’s core values remain the same as ever: craftsmanship, personalisation, elegance and creativity.

Why do we love Francis Klein at The Eye Practice?

Francis Klein’s mission is to design original, elegant, glamorous eye wear just for you using the highest quality craftsmanship and customisation. For The Eye Practice, it was love at first sight. You cannot put on a pair of these frames and not instantly feel better about yourself and the world!