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Because the biggest crime is to look average.

Cari Zalloni was the creative genius of Cazal that defined the hip-hop look of the 80’s, defining in part the fashion sense of artists like Run DMC and Public Enemy. He was a visionary who designed eyewear that was way ahead of it’s time.

Over the years and on so many occasions, the legendary Cazal sunglasses have featured in movies and music videos.

Designs created in the 80’s are a part of the Legends collection which are trending even today!

Cazal pieces are a work of art, which never date. Glasses that are striking and unusual, crafted using first class materials like pure titanium and gold. Cazal is one of the most unique, high end eyewear collections in the world.

There is nothing minimalist about Cazal. Each piece makes a statement. You know when you see a Cazal. There is no mistaking it. Smooth, geometric, chunky, vintage and modern can all be used to describe Cazal.

Cazal has no rules. Cazal is exclusive. Cazal is simply crazy. Cazal is an attitude. Cazal is incredible and irresistible. Cazal does not follow mainstream.

Cazal speaks for itself.

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