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Anne et Valentin

Encouraging individuality.

Anne et Valentine have been designing edgy eye wear for many years. The husband and wife team, optical dispenser and artsy design wife, have combined their skills to create pieces, that are works of art.

Eyewear for INDIVIDUALS!

The Anne et Valentin family team do not create eye wear for the masses. They are not your usual style of frame. The frames are produced in Jura in the French Alps, using the finest acetates, metals and titanium combinations. For a twist, Anne et Valentin likes to leave many of the acetate frames unpolished, giving us a beautifully textured finish.

When you see a pair of Anne et Valentin glasses, savoire-faire, geometric, playful, flirty, fashionable and sturdy, are just a few words that come to mind.

Their goal has always been to create collections full of energy, freshness and vitality, allowing the wearer to always present themselves as they truly are.


The Eye Practice stocks a wide range – come and check them out!

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