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What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that occurs due to a loss of water in the tear film. As a result, the tear film becomes saltier leaving the surface of the eye dry causing a stinging, burning sensation. This loss of water in the tear film is due to either decreased tear production or increased tear evaporation. Dry eye may be associated with long-term contact lens wear, corneal surgery, laser refractive surgery or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids - also called meibomian gland dysfunction). It may also be associated with aging, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or a deficiency of Omega-3 in the diet.

If left untreated, the symptoms of dry eye can worsen and it can become an excruciating condition that affects your quality of life. What is certain is that for some people, having dry eyes is a huge issue.

Have a look at: This great resource has been set up by dry eye patients to alert the whole profession on how unsatisfactory the current attitude is to this significant problem.

Dry eye presents at all levels here at The Eye Practice. If you are suffering from mild dry eye, we can recommend a lubricating eye drop or gel to relieve this condition. The Eye Practice is one of few optometry practices in Australia to stock Thera Tears Nutrition, a specially formulated dietary supplement that helps to treat dry eye from the inside.

Most of our new dry eye patients come to us with moderate to severe disease, and we are often the fourth or fifth dry eye practice they have visited.  Diagnosing the underlying cause of dry eye is paramount to improving symptoms and to this end, The Eye Practice has continually invested in the latest technology for studying all aspects of the tear layer. 

Sometimes dry eyes can become quite debilitating. Dr Jim Kokkinakis is one of the minority of optometrists that is qualified to treat the eyes for disease. Often with dry eyes, prescription medication like corticosteroids or immunosuppressants are required. Under prescription, Dr Jim Kokkinakis can treat your eyes medically. Patients who have severe dry eyes will travel from all over the country to see Dr Kokkinakis. It is the only location in Australia and New Zealand that offers all these unique procedures under one roof:

  1. LipiFlow and LipiView
  2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  3. BlephEX
  4. Meibomian Gland Expression

For more information on dry eyes see our extensive DRY EYE BLOG or maybe you might like to visit our dedicated website: DRYEYES.COM.AU

Make sure you download the free report on dry eyes from here, as there are some great tips of relieving this most frustrating condition.

Thera Tears - dry eye relief for everyone!

Thera Tears Eye Drops

Revolutionary Thera Tears drops provide instant relief from the frustrating symptoms of dry eyes. Thera Tears drops rehydrate, protect and lubricate the eyes and provide soothing, long-lasting dry eye relief that really works!

Thera Tears Liquid Gel

Thera Tears Liquid Gel is a thicker version of preservative-free Thera Tears Eye Drops and is perfect for severe dry eyes. Thera Tears Liquid Gel hydrates the eye without blurring the vision and is great for both daytime and nighttime use.

Thera Tears Nutrition

To effectively combat dry eyes successfully, it is critical that this frustrating condition is treated from the inside as well as from the outside. Thera Tears Nutrition is especially formulated dietary supplement that combats dry eyes. Containing Omega-3, Thera Tears Nutrition provides your eyes with the compounds it needs to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

Beat your dry eye problem by contacting The Eye Practice today! 

Phoning (02) 9290 1899 or booking an appointment online could transform your life if you have visited multiple practitioners with no result so far.


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