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Innovative treatment study for dry eyes: your help needed!

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Innovative treatment study for dry eyes: your help needed!

If you already suffer from mild-to-moderate dry eyes and you’re worried about developing worse symptoms in the future, we have some exciting news for you. 

The School of Optometry at the University of New South Wales (Sydney) is researching a new drug for the treatment of dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). And they need your help. 

Why is a new dry eye treatment necessary?

If you have mild-to-moderate dry eye symptoms at the moment, it has been our experience that this can quickly escalate to severe eye disease without much warning or change in circumstances. The Eye Practice has seen a marked increase in dry eye disease in recent years, which we believe is linked to the digital age we live in. 

The Eye Practice believes this new study drug could be a significant breakthrough in dry eye treatment and in stopping mild-moderate dry eye from escalating to severe disease. This drug acts to enhance the function of your meibomian (oil) glands, situated in the eye lids, close to the base of your eye lashes. 

Am I suited to the study?

If you’re over 18 and suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), you could be suitable for taking part in this study. You also need to be prepared to stop using your dry eye medications prior to the study.  

This research will take place at the University of New South Wales (Randwick) and involves up to 6 visits to the clinic over a couple of months. Study visits take approximately 1.5-2 hours and you will also be asked to provide blood and urine samples at nearby Prince of Wales Hospital. 

Will I be out of pocket?

Participants are paid $40 per visit (plus additional reasonable expenses, such as travel, parking). 

There are some important criteria for the study, all of which are outlined in the document here.

If you'd like to participate in this exciting research, call the School of Optometry (UNSW) on (02) 9385 0395 or email to register your interest. 

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