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Bespoke Glasses

Bespoke Glasses

We are experts at finding that perfect style for your unique look. Perhaps you've struggled to find a style you love. Or you have trouble finding the perfect fit on your nose, cheeks or ears. Whatever your concerns, we can help you to get it just right. Through decades of experience, we often know the exact frame to try on your face that will make you say 'wow!' A great pair of

Bespoke Glasses

Bespoke Frames

Designer frames can now be tailored to your exact specifications. Get the perfect nose and ear fit, without having to put up with all the annoying after purchase adjustments. You can also choose your preferred colour scheme and even have your name and phone number printed on the inside of the frame side.  No more lost frames! 

Beyonce Cazal Sunglasses

Hottest Sunglasses

Looking for the latest look in sunglasses? Look no further.  At The Eye Practice, we carry an exclusive range of designer sunglasses. DITA is a cult name among fashion frame aficionados as are Linda Farrow, Cazal and Porshe Design.  

Designer Quality

Sometimes you want something a little different to the rest of the pack.  Our range of niche designer frames from the likes of Hapter, Ic! Berlin and Tom Davies will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Brad Pitt Sunglasses Tom Ford Sunglasses

Pop in to The Eye Practice for a browse or make an appointment for our undivided attention in helping you choose the perfect frame for your face.

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NOTE: Only existing patients can order online. If you are a new patient, please call (02) 9290 1899 to make a new order. Your order will be made by The Eye Practice and you will be contacted for order pick up

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