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What is eye strain?

What is eye strain

Or is it a combination of things?

Eye strain is a broad term that encompasses many different signs and symptoms, and could have multiple causes. Generally speaking, eye strain is a result of some kind of stress on the visual system that causes the eyes to feel tired, strained or weak.

What are the symptoms of eye-strain?

The symptoms of eye strain are varied and can range from a mild tiredness, to headaches and blurred vision.  Given the complex nature of eye strain, it is important to have a trained optometrist evaluate your symptoms and determine what the main causes of your eye strain are in order to provide a tailored treatment plan. Some forms of eye strain result in dry eyes, which adds further discomfort. Another form of eye strain causes print (on paper or on screen) to move around or jitter on the page. This is called Irlen Syndrome and is successfully managed with coloured lenses or overlays.

How is eye strain treated?

A thorough eye test will show what is at the root of your eye strain. It may be that a simple pair of low-prescription glasses are all you need to relieve your symptoms. A blue-blocker filter can also provide symptomatic relief as well as protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. Prism in your glasses can be used to balance the eye muscles and make your job less like hard work. Find out more on our treatment page. 

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