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Eye strain treatment.

Eye strain treatment

What can be done to treat your eye strain?

Imagine what it would feel like to work, study and read again without feeling eye strain. The great news is that eye strain treatment can be very effective, and even relieve eye strain permanently.

We don’t just treat eye strain. We treat people. Effective eye strain treatment is all about customising a solution for each patient, and teaching the skills required for minimising eye strain with simple techniques that are easy to apply anywhere, whether it be in the workplace, school, or at home. This can include prescribing glasses, eye exercises, and dry eye treatments that actually work, unlike many of the eye drops on the pharmacy shelves.

Glasses for eye strain

When your eyes have heavy duty tasks to perform, such as proof-reading or long hours on computer screens, even a small glasses prescription can make a big difference. A small correction for long-sightedness or astigmatism that would make very little difference outdoors, can make reading and computer tasks a lot more comfortable.

Another important consideration when managing eye strain with glasses is any underlying eye muscle imbalance – this should be tested for during a thorough eye examination, and can be easy to treat – but unfortunately it can often be missed.

Further protection can be added with a blue light filter. A blue light filter is a clear coating on the lenses that reduces the amount of harmful blue light entering the eyes. The lenses do not look blue, rather the blue light is in the reflections coming off the lenses. All our optometrists and staff here at The Eye Practice wear glasses with a blue light blocker to help protect their eyes – and they recommend them to everyone that uses a computer, mobile phone or other digital screen during the day.

Exercises for eye strain

The human eye was not designed for staring at digital screen for 8-10 hours per day. One of the most noticeable effects of screen use is to lower your blink rate – often significantly.  Our Lipiview Tear Film Analyser allows us to measure the quantity and quality of your blinking.  Poor blinker are given a blink-rehabilitation program to strengthen their blink muscles. This can be remarkably effective in a short time.

For all office workers, we recommend the following 20-20-20 rule as a general precaution against eye strain:

Every 20 minutes, stand up from your desk and look in the distance for 20 seconds while blinking 20 times. This should become a habit over time and help protect your eyes from the ravages of office work.

Dry eye therapy for eye strain

One of the most debilitating symptoms of eye strain is dry, irritated eyes.  We believe that one of the most significant causes of the recent epidemic of dry eyes over the past decade has been exposure to digital screens.  Artificial tears may help, but they are only providing symptomatic relief rather than getting to the underlying problem. Our dry eye clinic has the most advanced technology in Australia for the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.

Had enough of your eye strain?

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