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 Wearing Wiley X while cutting down a tree.

Wiley X

Dry eye climate control glasses. Wiley X

Wiley X climate control series is designed to keep dust, pollen, wind and other airborne irritants at bay, while also preventing eye irritation caused by dehydration. 

Wiley X sunglasses come with a removable foam gasket which seals and protects the eyes when outdoors, by significantly reducing tear evaporation and keeping the eyes moist. 

They are light, comfortable eye wear, yet very durable. With little airflow vents in the foam gasket, there is no fogging of the lenses. Many of these frames are suitable for prescription lenses, whether it be for clear, polarised or photo-chromatic lenses.

If dry eyes are stopping you from enjoying the outdoors, come in and see the range of Wiley X climate control eye wear today.

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