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Tranquileyes Goggles

Tranquileyes Goggles

Tranquileyes is an eye hydrating therapy that gives you immediate and long lasting relief to dry irritated eyes.

The Tranquileyes goggles are designed to create moist-heat and cold therapies. The goggle rests comfortably on the orbital bones, sheltering eyes from drafts. 

The eye cups are manufactured using medical grade thermal plastic and memory foam, making them soft and comfortable enough to wear when sleeping.

These goggles can be used as a hot eye compress that provides heat and hydration or as a cold eye compress to relieve puffy eyes. They provide up to 12 minutes of warmth and humidity to help loosen the oil in the meibomian glands to lubricate the eyes.

Blocked meibomian glands are the main contributor to severe evaporative dry eye or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

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