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 Woman wearing Caroline Abram sunglasses and blowing a bubble.

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Caroline Abram - for women who want to look beautiful.

Caroline Abram designs sunglasses for women who want to feel sensual, beautiful or just themselves. Caroline Abram is about femininity and elegance, colour, freshness and boldness.

Her collections include frames with dynamic colours, tangy tones and translucent acetates. Caroline Abram designs eye wear to be worn as an accessory, to coordinate with clothes, handbags and shoes. Caroline Abram sunglasses bring back an old world feel of eye wear reminiscent of the old fashioned charm of Miami in the 60's, vintage, and South Beach inspired cat-eye glasses.

Caroline Abram creates an addiction to glasses, a desire to have a pair in every colour. Caroline Abram designs eye wear with the "glasses do not fit me" claim in mind. Every woman should own a pair of sunglasses that make her feel special, feminine and beautiful. Caroline Abram designs just that.

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