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Dry eyes should never limit your lifestyle. 7 Eye

Whether you suffer from mild or severe dry eyes, you can surely benefit from the 7Eye range of eye wear. They are designed  to be worn for extreme sports, in extreme conditions. 

Do not let dry eye hold you back from doing the things you love. Do not let windy conditions hold you back. 7Eye by Panoptix glasses can protect you from all these irritants, while keeping your eyes comfortable.

7Eye Panoptix eye wear, come fitted with an air shield, which contours with the shape of the face, to create a perfect seal around the eyes. The air shields are removable and easily replaced as required. With a large range of designs, 7Eye has a frame to suit every face. The better the fit, the better the protection.

To prevent fogging, 7Eye air shields have foam lined vents to allow filtered air to circulate. 7Eye glasses come with a choice of tinted lenses, clear lenses and photo-chromatic lenses. 

The Zienna models offer a silicone shield, to help lock in moisture rather than the foam shield, to block out dust, wind and other irritants. 

There is no doubt, that sealed eye wear benefits dry eye sufferers, by increasing overall comfort and reducing tear evaporation.

Need a prescription? Not a problem. Many designs are now available to be filled with prescription lenses, whether it be for indoor or outdoor use. 

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