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Download your free ebook on Myopia control

Download your free Myopia control ebook

Do you want to understand more about slowing or preventing short-sightedness in your child?

Download our free eBook and learn more about the latest techniques for slowing and even stopping your child’s myopia from getting worse. You will discover:

  • What is myopia and how can it contribute to eye disease?
  • What factors trigger your child’s myopia to get worse over time?
  • What are the most successful techniques for slowing myopia?
  • What are atropine eyedrops and are they safe for your child?
  • How can ortho-k contact lenses correct and control your child’s myopia?

and much more...

If you are concerned about preventing or slowing down your child’s myopia, you will find this guide invaluable in answering your questions.

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